Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heshers on the run to Cincinnati!

This week Josh Viles, and Dome Piece came over to shred for a long weekend. It was freaking awesome!!!! Weston, Brumley, and Ben O was there too. We skated Under The Bridge, Ollies, Fickle HQ, and Boards inc.

Josh Viles. Face of a champion.

Dome Piece. Gettin a piece on the phone.

The first thing we skate was Under the Bridge in New Port. Dome and Viles, shredded it harder than Ive ever seen.

Dohm busted out the sickest Fs 50s ever on that UTB quarter pipe.

First Fs 50-50 I've seen on this obstacle. Total Props.

Dohm getting Ba.Ku on a pole jam. 

Ultimately, Dome was STOKED!

GNAR! FS Crail Block.. You dont see that everyday.

Josh Vile tweakin' that BS Smith.

Josh did this trick probably a 1000 times off camera, his trick bag is on lock.

Hilarious, those UTB locals are a blast to skate with. This is a picture of Punk Rock Kenny doing a rock to fakie.


Heshers On The Run, Part 2 later this week...

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