Monday, June 27, 2011

I got a new camera!!

Yup thats right! Got a new Nikon for my birthday with a pretty spiffy lens with a low 1.8 aperture. I took it on a test run and took some photos @ Under the Bridge in Newport with Matt and Riley Simpson and David and Branson Faul,  Check'em out!

A beautiful damp afternoon at Underthebridge, Newport Kentucky.

Haha I took this picture when Branson was telling me to move this 250 pound rock so he could do some crazy trick I couldnt even imagine doing.

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You gotta love capturing those "Impossible" moments that you get when watching someone skate. Rock to fakie.

Rock to fakie


All I'm saying is Matt is gnarly! Skating the quarter with a heel bruise, what a nut!

Branson is one gnarly grom who will be a super sick skater in a couple years.
Its all about feelin' good and having fun. David Faul is a master of the art of fun and gets gnarly.  Hes up there on the top 10 favorite people to skate with. Ride that wave D Faul!

Switch rock all day.

Switch rock all day!

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